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About Us

Our vision

To be a global name, and a market leader that contributes in developing the
Real Estate development in UAE and in the whole world.

About us

Expert Neighborhood Real Estate Development Company is a Real Estate
company based in UAE, the company was founded in 22/09/2015 and it’s
considered one of the fastest growing UAE Real Estate companies .
Property development involves a wide range of activities and processes from
purchasing land to building and developing facilities, the business creates
opportunities for investors and for properties seekers whether for use or for
investment purposes.

Our Mission

our mission is to maintain a leadership position in the real estate
development industry and to be one of the top real estate development
companies in Arabia Gulf countries and Europe .
whilst also committing our equity, expertise and talents to convert
properties from its current use to higher and better use, and provide our
clients the highest quality of products and services.

Our Values


we are committed to provide quality products

and with natural and green sources and using of

eco-friendly materials.


Committed to offering customers solutions that

stands out from the company’s competitors.

Care & Sustainability

we care about our clients by providing the best
quality lasting for a long time that serves the
users for many years.


We are part of the community in which we live and
take into account its needs, in addition to being a
part of the economy that we are developing.

Our Goals

To invest in undervalued residential real estate properties for the purpose of renovating
or rehabilitation and then immediate resale, or to hold and rent properties.
To manage real estate investments to evaluating,
to acquisition, and to final sale or disposition.
To manage the renovation or rehabilitation
activities of newly acquired residential properties
To manage the residential properties that are
rented and held for the longer term

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