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EXPERT NEIGBOURHOOD REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Real Estate DEVELOPMENT With a strong focus on Dubai

EXPERT NEIGHBORHOOD develops and sometimes purchases real estate, in addition to fulfilling profit expectations for each site.



Developing Projects

EXPERT NEIGBOURHOOD REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT is a company that has many elements of success in the field of real estate development, and this has been shown in its projects inside the United Arab Emirates and even outside it, and even in its vision of the future through international expansion.

The combined market value is more than 80,000,000 dirhams approximately

Since its inception, the company has completed four major projects, achieving a combined market value of 80,000,000 dirhams. These projects varied greatly in size and scope, from creating sustainable villas to developing a commercial center to developing a large project within Turkey.


EXPERT NEIGBOURHOOD REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT company based in the United Arab Emirates.

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