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Future services and plans

Expert Neighborhood Real Estate Development

In-demand Projects

Proud to have designed, built  a number of high-profile, in-demand real estate projects

Preparing Developments

Assess each property or potential development, giving excellent recommendations and preparing

Comprehensive Feasibility

Providing comprehensive feasibility assessments, including building costs and sub-division plans.


As a real estate developer, EXPERT Neighborhood offers innovative solutions at every stage of the property life cycle within the UAE.

EXPERT works as a real estate developer. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, EXPERT Neighborhood brings its expertise and experience, as well as a range of real estate related services.

With in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market, EXPERT is involved in development projects in situations where the development results in greater profit.

As a real estate development company, Expert Neighborhood can assist in buying or selling real estate in the UAE. As real estate professionals, the team provides support and advice regarding the sale of real estate, always with the goal of achieving the highest possible price.

Future plans

Vision (Long-Term Goal) To be a global name, and to be a market leader that  contributes to developing the Real Estate development in UAE and the World.

Mission (Medium-Term Objectives) our mission is to maintain a leadership position in the real estate development industry and to be one of the top real estate development companies in Arabia Gulf

countries and Europe. Whilst also committing our equity, expertise and talents to convert properties from their current use to higher and better use, and provide

our clients the highest quality products and services.

Values (what Expert Neighborhood Real Estate Development Company Believes)

Quality We constantly strive to use new working practices and to provide clients with the best solutions for an ever-evolving world. As part of our vision and strategy

for real estate we are committed to provide quality products and with natural and green sources, using eco-friendly materials.

Care & Sustainability we care about our clients by providing the best quality lasting for a long time, that serves the users for many years.


Solutions We are committed to offering customers solutions that stand out from the company’s competitors. In addition, we provide different solutions

for all of our customers, including residential, commercial real estate.

Partnership We are part of the community in which we live and take into account its needs.


To manage the residential

properties that are rented

and held for the longer term.

Invest in undervalued residential

To manage real estate

investments to evaluating, to

acquisition, and to final sale

or disposal

To manage the renovation or

rehabilitation activities of

newly acquired residential


To manage the renovation or

rehabilitation activities of

newly acquired residential


To manage the residential

properties that are rented

and held for the longer term.

Uk Representative Office

The expert neighborhood company is seeking real estate development To establish a branch in the UK as a new commercial advertisement Entity and brand, the new company will adhere to the same principle Its activity as an expert neighborhood real estate development company But the export will be largely led by real estate marketing in UK .

The company will enter the UK market through contracts with others Real estate companies in the UK are by purchasing different types of properties

To develop, qualify and re-tender it , rehabilitate and resell. The initial target client base will be UAE citizens and the residents of UAE seeking to invest in the UK property market.

UK Economic Outlook

Economic Growth in the UK is forecast remain modest at around 1.1% in 2019 and 1.6% in 2020. This reflects the drag on business investment from ongoing economic and political uncertainty relating to Brexit negotiations. PWC forecast that 2019 will see the UK’s economy go from being the world’s 5th to 7th largest. However, higher government spending and short-term tax cuts announced in the Budget will provide some boost to growth during the year. Due to the COVID-19, the UK monthly GDP in October 2020 was 7.9% below the level of February 2020, having risen by 0.4% compared with September 2020. October 2020 saw the sixth consecutive month of growth, but the rate of recovery has slowed each month since the largest rise of 9.1% in June 2020. The competitive value of the pound has boosted UK exports and inbound tourism over the past two years. But the Eurozone economy has slowed recently, and any escalation of international trade tensions could dampen global growth in 2019/20 and beyond. The UK Real estate market outlook is a significant feature of the economy of the UK, regulated according to Scottish and English land Law. The real estate market in the UK is the second largest in Europe after Germany depending on the method of measurement, with the commercial real estate market in the UK having a market size of around £250 billion. Domestic real estate represented the largest non-financial assets in the UK, with a net worth of £5.1 Trillion (2014) . Foreign investment plays a substantial role in the UK’s real estate market, particularly in London and foreign companies and individuals invested around £20 billion in the UK real estate in 2012..

Expert Neighborhood Real Estate Development Company Strategy

Expert Goals: To be a leader in introducing new products in the region thereby achieving an aggressive market share. To build an outstanding portfolio in marketing system in the market in the region To protect and improve the success records and achievements in our market in the region. Expert Neighborhood Real Estate Development Company Strategy Expert Strategy: By developing long term strategic relationships with our customers and suppliers, based on trust, partnership, and reliability. By working towards dominating the market by providing high quality products, as well as a high quality service. By acquiring the needs capabilities and competencies so as to achieve our objectives. By providing a good environment for our employees so that they feel part of a big family